Working as a Truck Driver in the US

Working as a truck driver in the US has never been a walk in the park, there are several rules and regulations that you must adhere to so that you can be safe on the road. Below are the details;

1. Drive consistently- do not slow down or speed up for no reason. Do not make one fast turn or slow down abruptly.Truck Consistent driving whether less or more aggressive is the way to go. It’s the perfect way to allow other road users to predict your next move correctly.

2. Do not impede other traffic- for instance whenever you are on U.S interstate highways drive at a speed that doesn’t exceed the speed limit of 65mph or 105km/h. Most trucks go at a speed of about 70mph; you must therefore not impede by driving in the far lane using a speed of 65mph. You can either get out of their way or match their speed. All in all, you must ensure that you are not too slow or too fast. Drive close to the speed limit. If you observe this, you will never be caught on the wrong side of the law.

Truck Driver 033. Don’t tailgate- never do this; it’s very unnecessary. It’s quite dangerous and highly annoying. It’s actually important to slow down whenever you are tailgated. This will help in creating some space that will act as a cushion during emergencies. Be patient whenever you notice that the vehicle ahead of you is traveling slowly; you must never flash the headlights on. Most drivers view this as aggressive driving or an act of rudeness.
4. Accelerate with purpose- this doesn’t mean that you should press the breaks then take off abruptly like a mad man. Just do not dawdle. Whenever you are changing lanes, don’t slow down unless there is traffic ahead of you. As a matter of fact, speed up or accelerate a little bit.

5. Anticipate incoming highway traffic- you must pay attention to signals Truckshowing on-ramps and interchanges. If you  get a chance, shift lanes safely so that you can allow the incoming traffic to get merged in clear lanes. This assists in preventing back-ups and bottlenecks that are caused by merging traffic struggling to enter the flow.

6. Do not drive with your feet on the brakes- never do this, whenever you are putting pressure on the pedals, you may be triggering brake-lights unknowingly. In this case, the road users will never know when you are truly braking. You will most likely confuse them.

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