Water Softeners

Hard water is impure water with minerals like calcium, manganese or even magnesium carbonate. How do you know water is hard? Well, when you notice while showering, that soap or shampoo does not lather well, then your home has a hard water problem. This is also the case when your dishes are spotted, your laundryaADVSFBGDNsdc is dingy, and when your coffee maker is lined with deposits of scale.

Essentially, these minerals occur naturally and but they are not dangerous to your health. Still, they can lead your plumbing system accumulating deposits as well as all household appliances, which utilize water. This is where water softeners come in. You can visit this website to have a look at some of the top models today. These devices are specifically designed to soften hard water and do away with all of the challenges listed above. Let us now take a look at the types of these products, which are currently available in the market.

Major Classifications

Salt based ion exchange water softeners

These devices cycle household water via two tanks. One of these tanks possesses unique resin beads, while the other is crammed with brine. Salt based ion exchange softeners, as the name suggests, carry out their job by adhering to the principle of ion exchange. Put in another way; they soften water by the substitution of sodium for minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium.

Salt-free water softeners

Salt-free softeners regenerate utilizing potassium chloride as a salt substitute instead of sodium. In the real sense, these units can be categorized as what are known as descalers. This simply means they do not work by minimizing the levels of hard water minerals. Rather, they prevent these minerals from accumulating in pipes as scale buildup.

Dual tank water softeners

sdcsAcsDFBGNHFJMGWhen an ordinary water softener recharges, it disconnects itself from the water system, triggering downtime. Therefore, if downtime of such a unit is an issue, particularly in large households, it can be wise to invest in a dual unit softener that comes with two resin tanks. This way, when one of these tanks is activated, the other will be regenerating, which will facilitate a continuous flow of softened water. Even when your household water needs happen to be very intensive due to a large family.

Magnetic water softeners or descalers

Another common kind of water softeners is, without a doubt, the magnetic varieties, which can work as efficient descalers. Typically, these are plugin devices that can be conveniently clipped on incoming household water pipes. They carry out their work by setting up a magnetic field which can alter the electromagnetic attributes of calcium carbonate minerals. This makes these hard water minerals to repel each other. While, at the same time, enabling the pipes themselves to repel them.