Major Causes of Water Damage in Houston TX

Water damage in homes is one of the most common problems in Houston TX. Most homeowners have to deal with problems arising from water damage at least once. There are many causes of water damage in your home. The water damage has become rampant of late.

Knowing some of these causes is important because you can take the right control measures to avoid damages or losses. Here are some of the leading causes of water damage Houston TX.


Leaking pipes

It might be hard to notice leaking pipes in your home because they are usually hidden away. If the leakage is not gbxzqwfdfddetected within the right time, it can lead to severe water damage in your home.

This is why it is advisable to be checking your pipes regularly to avoid such problems. Some of the issues that can cause leaks in your pipe include old piping, rust or sudden changes of temperature.

Damaged gutters and roof

A broken gutter or roof during the rainy season will lead to water damage in your home. Before the rainy season, you need to inspect all your gutters and roof to ensure they are in good condition.

Check if there are missing or loose shingles that require to be replaced. You should also check that your gutters are not clogged. Overloaded gutters can lead to breakage making water to form a pool near your home. Some of the water might also get into your house leading to further damages.

Overflowing toilets

Most of the water damage in many homes occurs in the bathroom. Overflowing toilets can lead to severe damages that can be controlled. If your toilet is clogged, it might start to overflow.

This might be caused by foreign objects in your plumbing system. You need to avoid throwing foreign objects in the toilet. If some parts are rusty, it is advisable to do the replacement. You should also check your sewer system regularly to ensure that it is in good condition at all times.

Natural disasters

bvczxzffgfgYou might not have control over weather conditions; however you can take some measures to keep your home safe. Some of the natural calamities that can lead to water damage include torrential rains or flash floods.

If the water damage is caused by flash floods, it is advisable to call a professional immediately to avoid further losses. It is good to note that water damage caused flash flooding can damage your plumbing system, so a thorough inspection is needed.

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