Here Is What To Look For Before Hiring A Pest Exterminator

Identifying the right pest control company can be extremely challenging and confusing especially if you’re doing it for the first time and in a broad area like Lake Nona. Remember, Lake Noma area covers over 7,000 acres. Besides, there are countless pest control companies in Lake Nona some of which don’t qualify to manage even a housefly.

Finding the right pest control expert is the most vital decision you will ever make as a homeowner. The success rate of any pest eradication in your home depends much on the exterminator’s reputation, experience, and expertise. But, how exactly does one find and settle on a reputable, skilled and experienced pest control company in Lake Nona?

Here are some vital points to look for;


22huey8Drywood and Eastern subterranean termite invasion are common in Central Florida and Lake Nona areas. But regardless of whether it’s a termite or any other insect infestation, you bet is safe with a professional pest exterminator. To begin, a professional in any field is has undergone years of both theory and practical training. Therefore, an expert pest control technician does not only have the skills, experience, and implements of diagnosing the infestation but also the correct remedy to eliminate the pests. Also, an expert exterminator has in-depth knowledge of how to eliminate different pests including the stubborn ones. Take it or leave it, it’s only an expert exterminator who can successfully eradicate prevalent pest infestation such as the one in Lake Nona.

Licenses And Permit

Unknown to many people and especially most homeowners and business establishment is the fact that it’s illegal to contract unlicensed pest exterminator. In law, pundits say that ignorance is not an excuse. Hiring or contracting an unauthorized individual or business entity to eliminate or control pest invasion is a crime that is heavily punishable in the state of Florida. Also, any business must have a permit to operate. Hiring roadside or amateur pest control technicians without a license and physical business locations can land you in a hot soup. Besides, how will you as a homeowner lodge a complain or seek legal redress if your rights are infringed by an unlicensed pest exterminator?


Anything can go wrong during a pest control exercise. A family member especially the young ones can ingest a pesticide, an official carrying out the exercise can fall from a ladder or fire occasioned by the exercise can engulf the entire property. An insurance cover offers protection in such unforeseen events. Should a homeowner or business entity hire uninsured company, then he will be solely responsible for any damage or injury caused. So, unless you have some arrangement to mitigate losses resulting from an unforeseen occurrence, never contract uninsured pest control company.


33i4u4uuuFrankly speaking, who will you be comfortable working with? A pest control company that you’ve been referred to by two or three of your friends or one that opened its door three days ago? Whereas there is nothing wrong with hiring a competent company that wants a share of the pest control market, it is invariably necessary to place your money where it would reap the rewards. Online reviews are one source to make reference as to the pest control company’s competency or lack of it. Almost all online reviews tell no lies and are opinions of either satisfied or unsatisfied client.

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